February 23rd, 2012


OrcCon 2012: Friday

Without further ado, my OrcCon report, beginning with Friday:

Day After Ragnarok: ¡Técnicos En Contra De La Serpiente! (Afternoon)
Back in my wrestling-watching days, the luchadores were my usual favourites and Morgan asked me to watch an luchadore movie as prep (I found Santo in the Wax Museum (1963) at Aro St Video), so I was pretty psyched for this FATE game. I played El Demonio Negro, a Crimefrighting Rudo who wrestled as Santo during the day (Saint by Day, Demon by Night) and fought crime as El Demonio Negro after hours (Masked for La Justica). There was oodles of colour and high flying luchador action as we foiled a plot by an Aztec serpent cult to sell out Mexico to the Japanese Empire.

Space Station Otronto (Evening)
Maschine Zeit is a sci-fi/horror game about people exploring spaced stations abandoned after a planetary catastrophe and now haunted. I was Simon McAdams, a Physicist/Biologist with a theory about what had caused the catastrophe. The system guided us in creating a very cool situation, but the skill system was perhaps a little too complicated for the game. It had some cute mechanics though, so there was some system tinkering fun to be had too.