March 7th, 2012


The Sprawl: Session 1

This evening we made characters for The Sprawl's (formerly CyberWorld) first extended playtest.

The first step in character generation is creating a set of Corporations. Accordingly, we have:
  • Time Warner, all consuming media corporation.
  • Hosaka, biochemical giant.
  • Orbital Bank of Zurich, financial puppeteers.
  • NuKraft, generically modified food conglomerate.
  • Maas, corporate Lords of War.

The four characters are:
  • Tower, the attractive, meticulous, Driver; cruising around The Sprawl in a sleek black halftrack. In the pocket of Mayor Watanabi of Los Angeles.
  • Kit, the iridescent-cyber-eyed Sneak you don't want to mess with; recording the reality of The Sprawl for Time Warner Cable.
  • Turnus, Soldier, weapons expert, former company man; he's got a plan for everything in The Sprawl. Owned by Maas and wanted by the Elysian Mafia
  • Dead Rob, the dying Hacker kept alive by the drugs Saint Sewer pushes; under The Sprawl and all over cyberspace. The Mob think he's dead, for now...
(At this stage the unselected playbooks were Killer, Hunter and Ganger.)

I really like the character generation process and the groups it produces. That took 60-90 minutes, so we started on a first mission and got through the legwork phase. Dead Rob took a bullet from Kit's TWC contact; awesome.