April 28th, 2012


Apocalypse Nerdly.

I've never seen anyone write as consistently complete AP reports as Sean Nittner. I played in his Apocalypse Galactica AW hack at Nerdly Beach Party last weekend; now he's written it up: Apocalypse Galactica: Beyond Thunderdome. I was lukewarm going in because I haven't yet seen any of the BSG re-boot, but it was a great game.

While I'm at it, I also ran Geiger World (Colin's DW hack) set in NZ: Sheeple running in confusion from the sabotaged Marmite plant, the heroes hitching a ride from The Tron to Sky City with a Wetaman biker gang (The Entymology Mob), and Hello the albino fellinoid milking Shelob for a bungie cord as they fell from the Skytower. I was a bit rusty at DW, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

I also played a shortened playtest of the Atomic Robo RPG. At the moment it's still a bit too close to the increasingly complex FATE Core to feel properly true to the genre, but there's a lot of really promising things in there.