August 7th, 2012


Living Dungeon World III

Going to Gateway 2012 (Aug 31- Sept 3)?

A world of fantastic adventure awaits - a world of monsters and heroes, swords and sorcery, streaming standards and clashing steel. This is your world. This is Dungeon World... AT WAR!

The shafts of strife and war have come to Dungeon World. Two mighty nations clash – who will win, who will survive, and who will pick up the pieces.

Living Dungeon World is a weekend-long series of connected heroic-fantasy games with persistent characters in a persistent world. Play in as many or as few of the games as you like.

New to Dungeon World? No problem! Dungeon World is a simple system based on Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World but focused on action and adventure rather that interpersonal drama; no previous experience is required.

Six sessions, three GMs, one world... AT WAR!
Are you up to the challenge?

Of course you are.
Bring it.

NOTE Owing to a game entry error on my part, and the way the Strategicon system works, the player limits for each game have been set at 8 so that none of the pre-registered players are kicked out. However, as there are only 4 guaranteed spots in each game, this means that it is possible to fully pre-register for each games. I apologise for the inconvenience!