August 9th, 2012


GenCon 2012

I'm going to my first GenCon this year. I'll be taking the easy option as far as running and playing games are concerned: I signed up as a full time Games on Demand GM and I expect I'll spend most of my playing time in there too. Mainly because reading the massive list of scheduled games seemed super-annoying.

I haven't entirely decided what games I'll take and offer yet. At least Dungeon World, Monster of the Week, The Sprawl, Microscope and 3:16. Probably also Dog Eat Dog and a couple of the other Kickstarter games waiting for me in LA.

My timetable is as follows:

Thursday: 10a-2p, GoD
Friday: 10a-12p, GoD; 2-6p GoD (Which unfortunately means I miss two of Ryan Macklin's panels.)
Saturday: 2-4p, GoD

If anyone has an event recommendations, I'm open to suggestions!