August 24th, 2012


Interview Edition

A couple of months ago I was interviewed by two separate people. One of those interviews appeared online yesterday, the other several weeks ago, but I neglected to post about it here.

Out Of Character is the club 'zine produced by the University of Canterbury gaming club, now called SAGA (formerly the Fantasy Gaming Society, FuGSoc). I served as editor of OOC for several years back in the late 90s. The current editor, Jan, put together an interview edition in the weeks after Buckets of Dice 2012 and as a regular attendee despite living in the US, included me in the line up. I give some comparisons between NZ and US conventions and rather inexplicably launch into a digression about my GMing style...

The interview is in Issue 4.

The second was a blast from the past and a small gaming world story. A former university gaming friend from mid-90s Christchurch who now lives in Canada got in touch on G+ via Sean Nittner in the Bay Area. Daniel has now published a Victorian era game (Victoria) as Hazard Gaming and also runs a podcast (Penny Red) in which he interviews gamers about their roleplaying background and philosophy. The episodes are long (which I like, but others may not), but those I've listened to have been quite interesting.

My interview is episode 25.

I'm in good company, episode 26 is with Vincent Baker, and there are probably a few other names you'll recognise, but the interviews with the ones you don't are often just as good.