December 29th, 2012


Six Hour Lunch [Live]

We have arrived at the annual Six Hour Lunch, a lengthy port and food event named for the long lunches port merchants would have waiting for the boats to arrive on the tide.

First up:
Krohn Porto Ambassadeur (Ruby) [12.30]
Lovely deep ruby colour. Odd (chemical?) nose. Sweet, plums; apple finish.

Torlesse Port [12.54]
An experimental port by the Torlesse vineyard, bottled in 2007.
Red-brown colour. Rich raisin nose, some alcohol comes in later. Fruity, prune finish. Very nice.

Porto Krohn Vintage 2003 [13.21]
Opaque plum colour. Acetone nose. Intense raisin flavour; apple finish.

What kind of grapes is Port made of? Luci says Port is made of "Porty grapes". So there you go.

Smoked Brie and Smoked Gouda interlude! [13.36]

Grant Burge 10yo [14.10]
Transparent golden red-brown. Delicious and very well balanced nose and flavour, delicate raisins.

Trond and I discussing NYE cocktail ideas:
"It's not New Years unless you've done something wrong." "Define wrong." "Something right."

Croft Fine Tawny Port [14.23]
Red, starting to brown. Alcohol nose, vague raisin taste. Sweet, rich, alcohol taste with hints of raisin.

"The internet demands pictures of Trond running down the street smothered in guacamole!"

Will blames his love of this travesty on Kaikouria (which means "to eat Crayfish"):

Croft 10 year aged Tawny [14.40]
Not much browner that the last one. Spicy nose. Spicy palate mellows into a delicious jammy-ness. Possibly my favourite so far.

"When the wax rain comes, your umbrella will not be enough."

Fonseca Porto Bin 27 [15.45]
Rich Burgundy colour. After the alcohol burns off, a herbacious nose. Tannins on the palate along with some smooth dried-fruity sweetness.

And the spilling and breaking portion of the afternoon has begun. Dyson time!

[15.55: Gold is is also posting here.]

Graham's "Six Grapes" Reserve Port [16.39]
Dark ruby red. Rich savoury nose with a hint of alcohol. Tannins and spice, sweetness and not a lot of length. Good, but a little underwhelming.

Graham's Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) 2007 [16.47]
Same dark ruby red. Generic sweet nose with some alcohol. Fruity and raisiny.

Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2001 [17.19]
Rich ruby red, starting to brown a bit at the edges. Savoury nose. Sweet, initial spicy hit, a little bit of tannin.

And we're done!