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Dungeon World: Temple of the Empty God - I think it's time we blow this thing... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dungeon World: Temple of the Empty God [Jul. 25th, 2011|01:01 pm]
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Last Thursday we played Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel's excellent Apocalypse World hack, Dungeon World. I love this hack almost as much as I love Apocalypse World itself.

The characters are:
Rathnait (Me), an evil Black Elf Fighter [Actually, it just occurs to me that I should run a game setting DW in Titan, the FF world]
Plunk (Morgan), my partner in crime, a scheming Halfling Thief.
Seran (James), a good(?) Elven Ranger.
The GM is Colin.

Behind the cut is my notes from the session. I don't really have time to edit and format them nicely at the moment; perhaps later. We'd previously played with these characters (plus Andrew's character) for a couple of sessions.

Our heroes begin in the town around the Keep on the Borderlands...

Carousing! Drinking! Gambling! Wenching!
Over a gambling game, a flash of grey light was seen in the sky by a knight. The Duke will be sending men.
Rumours of a cult spreading through the keep – dark sacrifices and a fell compact with shadowy powers. Whispers of an arcane rite to be performed on the dark of the moon. The cult seeks the Duke's jewels.
Tells Plunk of the cult. We go to meet the thieves guild.
Something came unto the town from the crossroads – a shadow cult. Murders among the knights – noble blood, landed men from civilised lands. Rumoured to be a temple in the keep.
Siran is ensorcelled with a tracking necklace. Has it removed. Cost is a deal with a mage to bring back a magical item from the swamp.

As he is trying to convince Plunk of this plan, we are ambushed. Crossbowman on the roof. Then two thugs from a doorway.
String necklaces, swirly tattoos.
Plunk convinces Siran that the cult is the more pressing and immediate danger.

We sneak through the sewers into the keep dungeon. Crypts.
Interrupt an occult ritual. A big orc leading a sacrifice. Plunk sneaks behind him, holds a knife to his throat and attempts to parlay. Fails, Plunk stabs orc, orc flips plunk onto ground, raises orb.
I leap in, propelling myself off a cultist and slice his hand off with my serrated blades. The orb drops to the ground and bounces against the crypt and cracks ominously.
Seran shoots cultists, who yield.
Morgan catches the orb in his sling and flings it towards the cultists. It explodes and brings down the roof. I grab Plunk and hurl him towards the exit and is caught in the collapse. Emerges from the dust and debris with a broken bow.
Shot of us running from the postern gate.
Cut to us trugding through the swamp. Slogo has allowed water to seep into Plunk's rations and they've gone bad. Seran points out a red dragonfly. I kill it. Seran: “What goes around comes around”.
At night we see the grey light through the swamp.
The next day, Seran notices someone following us and sneaks off to check it out.
Plunk and I continue and find a campsite with four silver and black armoured figures and a dead read dragon (Y'len'quall).
Githyanki wants us to find the source of the disturbance. A source of power that would allow them to open a gate back to their world. They arrived on the dragon but it didn't survive.
Seran finds a band of Githzerai and parleys. Then leads them in to the Githyanki camp.
The Githyanki and Githzerai fight and we all slip away.
We find the Temple of the Empty God. On the edge of a lake. Source of the glow. Freaky shadows, a shadow curse.
We approach. In the centre of the temple is a ring of orc cultists surrounded by orc guards. I sneak into the middle, the shadows grab at me. I leap at the priests as Seran shoots the head priest, who loses control of the sphere of annihilation. All hell breaks loose.
I try to escape, as do all the orcs. Plunk and Slogo trip the escaping orcs. The sphere begins rolling after me, then with greater purpose as one surviving priest takes control of the sphere. I turn, duck under the sphere and throw my serrated axe at the priest, decapitating him. The sphere shudders and drops towards me, slamming into me (Saving Throw: partial success, take damage) and begins to bounce around like crazy. (Death Roll: 10+)

I stagger out of the temple. Seran has controlled the sphere of annihilation. Plunk tries to persuade him to take it back to town (Fails). He sees Plunk's greed for what it is, and tries to destroy the sphere. (Fails) Starts to fold the sphere in on itself, summoning The Empty God.
The Githzerai leader turns up with one of her soldiers, Plunk persuades her to help. She opens a gate to another plane and Seran pushes the sphere through into a Githyanki client-city.