AnarchAngel (anarchangel23) wrote,

Tour de Morrissey

There was some debate last night about the best Morrissey song. Unsurprisingly, all of the contenders were actually by The Smiths.

My contention was 'How Soon is Now', one of my favourite songs of all time, here in a fantastic live version that really demonstrates the power of the song, for me.

The cover that introduced me to How Soon is now, and quite possibly to The Smiths, was that of Love Split Love (Richard Butler's post-Psychedelic Furs outfit) from the fantastic soundtrack to The Craft (1996):

Rob suggested 'There is a Light that never Goes Out', to my mind, one of the most romantic songs ever written; certainly a worthy challenger deserving of serious consideration:

(In this Jools Holland recording, Morrissey demonstrates the hipster mic-drop. This Death Cab version is pretty good too.)

Afrodite objected the most strenuously to my proposal. First she brought up 'Bigmouth Strikes Again', undoubtedly a classic.

I particularly love the Placebo version:

I wish this was more widely available.

She also suggested a song I hadn't heard before, at least, not that I could remember: 'A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours'. A great name and, for it to mentioned in the same context as what are probably my favourite three Smiths songs, I knew it was going to be good:

But I don't think listening to all these songs again has changed my ranking of 'How Soon is Now' at the top of The Smith's oeuvre. Here's a full album version:

My dislike of long instrumentals is pretty well known (hi Pink Floyd!), but the brilliance of this track overcomes that. Damn.

Did we overlook any?
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