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Makin' Moves

@Azaroth42 wants a Streetwise type move in Dungeon World, so asked me to post this move from my CyberWorld game.

Hit the Street (Style)
When you go to a contact for help, includes finding specialists and street doctors.
Roll+Style, on a 10+, choose 3, on at 7-9 choose 2:
  • They have what you want, immediately
  • It doesn't attract attention
  • It doesn't cost extra
  • They do it on credit
  • They do a good job

CyberWorld is a cyberpunk game of mission-based action and heists, and in the legwork phase, you need a way to finding out more information about different things. In a way, this is a social version of Spout Lore, so you could easily substitute in CHA as the stat. CyberWorld is gritty and high-tech, so to use this in Dungeon World, I would make it a bit easier by just removing the credit option. It might look something like this:

Streetwise (CHA/Converse*)
When you go to a contact for help (aid, advice, healing, equipment or to sell something specialised), Roll+CHA, on a 10+, choose 3, on at 7-9 choose 2:
  • They have what you want, immediately.
  • It doesn't attract unwanted attention.
  • It doesn't cost extra.
  • They do a good job.

While I'm at it. I wasn't especially happy with how I was using Spout Lore over the weekend. I think this works better for me:

When you Spout Lore about a subject that the GM doesn't have an answer to, Roll+INT. On a 10+ make two statements about the world. On a 7-9 make one. On a 6 or less, make one, but the GM will reveal a negative "yes, but..." twist later.

* "Converse" is the XP tag for the alternate BBC XP system.
Tags: cyberworld, dungeon world
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