AnarchAngel (anarchangel23) wrote,

2012 Gaming Resolutions

As my post from the start of last year indicated, I didn't do a very good job on my 2010 resolutions. How did I do in 2011?
  1. Play the RPGs I have with me in LA that I have yet to play.
  2. Get A Certain Kind of Decision to the external playtesting stage.
  3. Submit Echoes to the 2012 Kapcon SDC.
  4. Play more board games than 2010. That won't be hard.
  5. Finish my Parthians and paint one more army.
  6. Run at least one prep intensive game per con.

A big bucket of fail. This is why I don't make New Year's Resolutions, clearly! The exception was #4, I played a bunch of new board games. I'm not sure how I did on #1 as I don't have my shelf nearby, but I didn't buy very many games, so I'm at least treading water there. That one is still an ongoing goal, although I probably should expand it to include PDFs in my gaming folder. In particular Blowback (which I'd like to run) and Remember Tomorrow (Which I'd like to play) have been on my mind recently.

The inspiration for this post came from coffee with mashugenah which crystalised a number of thoughts I've been having since Kapcon, in fact off-and-on for even longer, judging by this list. I couldn't get motivated enough to work up Echoes into a form such that someone else could run, so despite the delayed SDC deadline, that one fell by the wayside. So, less specific is the way to go for this year. That also neatly ties in with #6 from last year, which I still want to do. This one will be hard as I may be at quite a few cons this year, but I'm not too bothered if I fail these goal, so I'll set them high.
  1. Play the RPGs I have with me in LA that I have yet to play.
  2. Get Cyberworld (and A Certain Kind of Decision) to the external playtesting stage.
  3. At every con I attend, offer at least one prep-intensive game.
  4. Submit one of those games to the 2013 Kapcon SDC.
  5. At every con I attend, offer at least one game that I haven't run at that con before.

I think running Living Dungeon World and CyberWorld will fulfill #3 and #5 for OrcCon 2012. Next will be Hyphen-Con (depending on date), Nerdly Beach Party (depending on vacation plans), Day of Games (depending on vacation plans), Buckets of Dice, and Confusion (depending on date). Then in the second half of the year: probably Gencon and Gateway, and maybe another Nerdly Beach and Big Bad Con. Phew. I might need a spreadsheet...
Tags: conventions, resolutions, rpgs
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