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New Zealand Craft Beers: Summer Tasting Notes

I tried some beers while I was in New Zealand. For some reason, none of my previous trips home involved much investigation of the craft brew scene. That was well and truely rectified on this visit, and my notes on most of the beers I tried are presented more or less in the order I tasted them.

Matson's Irish Mild
A dark amber brew with a white head. Mild malty nose, caramel a lingering mild bitterness on the palate.

Tuatara Pilsner
A light, crisp pilsner with delicious notes of fruity hops on the nose and palate. This is my go-to NZ session beer.

Green Man Tequilla Beer
A relatively simple lager with lime and teqilla added. Tastes of Roses lime cordial. Refreshing lime/lager on the palate. An excellent (i.e. actually drinkable) example of the beer with lime genre.

Wigram Brewing Company Kortegast Red Sparkling Ale
Intense liquid honey nose, sour palate with much less honey. Aftertaste quickly dissipates into nothing.

Green Man Whisky Bock 2010 Vintage
A Doppelbock matured on Whisky and American Oak, 9.2%. Clover honey on the nose. A quite sour palate with subtle whisky notes. Not much length on the palate at all.

Epic's Flying Nun 30 Year Ale 1981-2011
Touch of hops fruity, crisp, light. For non Kiwi's, Flying Nun is New Zealand's first big indie record label.

Armageddon IPA
Balanced fruit/pine hops with a nice fruity aftertaste. The closest to a Cali IPA I had in NZ.

The second time I tasted it was on tap at The Malthouse in Wellington, I thought it was piney-style with a mellow finish and probably not enough fruit for my taste.

Hallertau Beastwars IPA
A promotional beer for a metal band called Beastwars. Mild hops 70-80 ibu? Delicious nose, a touch of fruit on the palate. Yum! No information of the website, but I did find this blog post.

8 Wired The Big Smoke Smoked Porter
Savoury and caramel nose. Rich, savoury and smoky – definitely reminiscent of grilling. Not particularly hoppy.

Yeastie Boys Pot. Kettle. Black.
Apparently a black IPA, but really a light stout. Lots of malt, not much hops.

Tuatara Hefe
Delicious esters. Crisp and sweet, a nice Bavarian Hefeweisen, slightly dialled back to a session-y level.

Emercon's Weissbeer
A strong banana ester nose with a quite peachy palate. That's peach, the fruit, not the 50s American slang.

Invercargill Breweries, Boysenberry Beer
Crisp, a little sour initially, boysenberry-y, not sweet. Lovly deep red colour. Nice summer beer!

Tuatara Helles
A Helles lager: A little delicate, and a lot refreshing!

Tuatara Ardennes
A Belgian-influenced Golden Ale: crisp with mild Belgian flavours. I usually only enjoy Belgian-style beers in moderation, but I find this unusually more-ish!

Mike's American IPA
Lots of fruity hops on the nose. Palate starts bitter then gets fruity.

Townsend "#9" Stout
Caramel malts with a hint of coffee, but still quite crisp. A bitter hop aftertaste. It wasn't light, but it wasn't a big thick stout either.

There's more about most of these beers on the respective brewery websites. I would have linked to those descriptions, but I'm still a pie post and some game prep in arrears, so... allons-y!
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