AnarchAngel (anarchangel23) wrote,

OrcCon 2012: Monday

Geiger World Playtest (Morning)
Gonzo Peyote, the telekinetic cactus; Click, the giant insectoid; Motel, the sentient roach swarm; and Pylon, the electrokinetic hawkoid (re-skined as a lightning bug). We battled mutant rabbit men, irradiated trees, psychotic robots, and an immense sentient tree from another world in search of food for our small forest community.

Geiger World is the working title of Colin's hack of Dungeon World for Gamma World-style mutant apocalyptic gaming. Because Gamma World is cool, but the system is... not as fast-paced and action orientated as one would like. After playtesting this at Big Bad Con last year with an awesome character, and not being a fan of entirely random character generation, I was a little reluctant to play it again with a different character. But not to fear, once again the dice produced a little bundle of mutated apocalyptic awesome and a great final game to the con was had.

I have a few ideas for a Aotearoa After the Bomb expansion for when Colin puts this in motion, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Mmmm. Peeled... eyes!
Tags: conventions, geiger world, strategicon
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