AnarchAngel (anarchangel23) wrote,

Kickstarter World

After a stuttering pre-start over the Buckets weekend, the Dungeon World Kickstarter opened last Monday (US time) and was funded in 28 minutes. Booyah.

This is interesting to me as a lover and vocal supporter of Dungeon World and a soon-to-be Kickstarter user. Rob and I have our Pirate deck building game, Conquering Corsairs, almost finished, so we're scouting out successful Kickstarters and various printing options. In both regards, Daniel Solis's latest card game project, Belle of the Ball, interesting; plus, it looks like a cool game!

I'm also in the process of systematically working through The Sprawl to produce a draft I can publish more widely and that interested parties can playtest externally. Mostly this is an exercise in writing GM procedures for how to plan and run adventures and tidying up the document.

All of these will be coming soon to a con near you: Not-D&D Con (hopefully), Confusion, Gencon, Gateway and Big Bad Con.
Tags: conquering corsairs, conventions, dungeon world, kickstarter, the sprawl
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