AnarchAngel (anarchangel23) wrote,

Are you the teachers of the heart?

Inspired by a twitter discussion with Gina, who I recently discovered is my LA Sisters sister. I should have guessed actually... At any rate, here's my pick of essential non-album* Sisters tracks.

First 2:30, most important Sisters song not on an album (Teachers); remaining time, a slowed down version of one of the best Sisters songs full stop (Adrenochrome):

Best Sisters song not on an album:

Best Reason to buy Temple of Rarities Vol 2:

(Or, Some Boys Wander By Mistake apparently; an album I don't own. Anyone know where I can get it?)

And, just so there's an actual video in this lot:

I hear the dive bombers and empire down.

*Not including bootlegs here, of which there are a ton.
Tags: music, sisters of mercy

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