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2013 Gaming Resolutions

I'd intended to set myself high goals for gaming in 2012:
  1. Play the RPGs I have with me in LA that I have yet to play.
  2. Get Cyberworld (and A Certain Kind of Decision) to the external playtesting stage.
  3. At every con I attend, offer at least one prep-intensive game.
  4. Submit one of those games to the 2013 Kapcon SDC.
  5. At every con I attend, offer at least one game that I haven't run at that con before.

2012 was characterised by almost all of my gaming being at cons. I didn't manage to sync up with my Glendale group when I got back last January, nor did I manage to get my Hollywood group going, except for some board game evenings. I did play in a couple of Google Hangout games, one of which is ongoing. Between that The Sprawl, I didn't end up with much gaming time to tackle these. I more or less managed to tread water on #1 again, mostly less if I consider various completed Kickstarters for which I can some percentage of the completed rewards. #2 is a tick; except for A Certain Kind of Decision, and that Cyberworld is now called The Sprawl. #3 only succeeded if I include scenarios for The Sprawl, which was not the kind of "prep intensive" I intended, and thus #4 also failed, despite the new SDC one page game seed category, which is far more in my usual mode of game prep. I have no idea how I did on #5, so lets take a trawl through the archives to see what I ran in 2012...

January: Kapcon 1 2 (Dungeon World x3 (one prepped), The Sprawl: The Kurosawa Extraction)
February: OrcCon (Dungeon World x3 (Living, so some prep), The Sprawl: The Kurosawa Extraction)
March: HyphenCon (Monster of the Week: Zombiefest)
April: Nerdly Beach Party (Geiger World)
May: Day of Games (Dungeon World, The Sprawl: The Essilor Sterilisation)
June: Buckets of Dice (The Sprawl x3 (The Essilor Sterilisation x2, The Cazares-Bell Obselence))
July: Not-D&D-Con (Dungeon World (2 sessions using a published D&D module))
August: Confusion (The Sprawl: The Cazares-Bell Obsolescence); GenCon 1 2 3 4 (Monster of the Week x2; Psi*Run x2; Dungeon World x2)
September: Gateway (Dungeon World x2 (Living), The Sprawl: The Essilor Sterilisation)
October: Big Bad Con (The Sprawl x2 (The Boyle Recovery & The Essilor Sterilisation))
November: Nerd SoCal Game Day: Didn't run anything.
December: Nerd SoCal Game Day (The Sprawl: The Boyle Recovery); Big Gaming Week (Ocean)

Phew. I narrowly missed a con every month in 2011, but I got it in 2012 if I include the game days! As for resolution #5, well, it was going okay until August (counting different Sprawl scenarios as different games, which is actually a different kind of dodge to the way I worded the resolution), then the repeats come in. My main problem with this one was that my heart wasn't in it! I could have run a greater variety of games, but I wanted to get as many different people playing The Sprawl as I could, and Dungeon World is so fun and easy at this point (even if someone did have to correct me on the new damage system at Day of Games!). That gives me two games per con (8 hours), which is about my average (12 hours at three-day cons), so there's not much time to squeeze in another game, plus the prep for it.

So what about this year?
  1. Play one new RPG every month.
  2. Finish a complete draft of The Sprawl.
  3. Offer a game with pre-gens at every con.
  4. Submit a game to the 2014 Kapcon SDC.
  5. Offer a new game at every con.

Which is a retooled version of last year. #1 is more generalised; it will be harder this year as my con schedule will be lighter, so I'll actually have to find gamers outside of a con environment. #2 is the next step in the process. #3 is essentially what I meant by last year's #3; yes, pre-gens are prep intensive in my gaming world. I expect the release of Fate Core will help me here. #4 is the same. #5 is last year's #5, but without the dodge. Lets do it!

Tune in next January to see how I did!
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