AnarchAngel (anarchangel23) wrote,

Gateway 2013 Schedule

I'm excited about the lineup for this con. Lots of games I'm excited to run, and lots I'm excited to play!

Friday 2pm: The Lost Temple-City of Xtylos (Dungeon World; Christopher Stone-Bush)
Friday 8pm: The Dark Zone

Saturday 9am: Mission Boston
Saturday 2pm: Either Monster of the Week or Conan Apocalypse World, depending on manual registration.
Saturday 8pm: Bad Publicity (Spelljammer/Fantasy Heroic Roleplaying; Mike Olson) [In the Plate Mail Games sound room]

Sunday 9am: Nothing.
Sunday 2pm: Call Me Brede [In the Plate Mail Games sound room]
Sunday 8pm: Cthulhu Mythos (tremulus; Denys Mordred)

Monday: We'll see.
Tags: conventions, los angeles, strategicon
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