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Overthinking it. Plus ça change.

You've probably seen the Facebook meme where you are given a band and have to answer a few questions about them.

I was given The Killers, who are among my favourite bands, but whom I have never seen in concert and had not listened to in a while. In fact, I missed their last album and just heard about the recently released greatest hits collection. The question of my favourite Killers song was tricky and prompted several rotations of the albums I have (Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, Sawdust, and Day and Age) as well as this post.

I quickly worked it down to a "shortlist" of 18 from which I arbitrarily eliminated the covers (although I love their covers of Romeo and Juliet and Shadowplay), then after several more listens, whittled it down to my favourites from each of those albums.

I was a little surprised that Somebody Told Me was still one of my favourites after almost a decade of life as an at-least-occasionally overplayed pop hit. Mr Brightside is my second favourite from that album, which is similarly surprising. I think what appeals about these is the blend of emotion and danceability.

With albums covering a decade of my life, there's plenty of opportunity for songs to be personally resonant and mnemonic. Hot Fuzz evokes nostalgia for bittersweet moments, Sam's Town evokes bittersweet memories of happy moments. It's hard for me to choose between Bones and When You Were Young, but it's probably in that order. The latter always reminds me of Rock Band though. My List is close to the conversation.

Bones may also have my favourite Killers video; and not just for Brandon Flowers' badass moustache.

So I disqualified Shadowplay from the running on the grounds that it was a cover, but I couldn't find a decent video for Move Away, so the video makes an appearance at least. Shamefully, I still haven't seen Control (2007). A couple of other favourites from Sawdust are Tranquilize and All The Pretty Faces.

I really like Day and Age. Sometimes it's the little things that distinguish a song for me, and for Spaceman it's the staccato drumbeats between lines in the chorus and their variations. Joy Ride, Neon Tiger and Losing Touch are my next favourites, but I love the entire first half of this album.

I guess I'll be picking up Battle Born in the near future.

And keeping my eye out for a gig.
Tags: memes, music, nostalgia, the killers

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