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I think it's time we blow this thing...

Hamish's Lyrical Waxings

10 March 1977
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"Time is like a shark. It never stops and if you're not paying attention it'll eviscerate you without remorse."

"L'absence est à l'amour ce qu'est au feu le vent; - Il éteint le petit, il allume le grand."
Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy, Histoires Amoureuses des Gaules, (1665).

Brother Xyston of Prudent Dialogue, Requester of the the Ammunition of Peaceful Discourse of the Discordian Universalist sect of the Unitarian Jihad.

I'm a postgrad ancient history student, currently in the graduate program at the University of Southern California, ex University of Canterbury, NZ. My Masters thesis examined Roman Imperialism in Cilicia; primarily in the last centuries of the republic. Over my long and varied university career I have set many things on fire, always intentionally, although that may be disputed by some witnesses. Suitably enough, my Chinese Zodiac sign is Fire Snake - Stand well back!

Like the snake, I am an avid vegetarian, consuming both the grape and the grain. I have forged an international reputation as a hard drinking party animal. So much so that my chaps frequently contain Hootenannies, at which I lay the phattest beats this side of the Mississippi. I enjoy suiting up, even though I do so infrequently, as I certainly must acknowledge the Pimp Daddy inside. On all sides, in fact. I take it as a great compliment that someone was reminded of me by watching The Vader Sessions.

If someone were to describe me with one word, they might say: Ultimate Deity, amazing hugs, enthusiastic personality, fantastic company, scary pants, sweet, great conversationalist, mad pyromaniac, omni-potent, and intelligent. If I were to do so, I would protest that I am such a complex person that I one word could never do me justice. That word is irreverent.

Although someone once said that I was the finest English lord ever to skip out on his inheritance and run off with a gypsy, this is untrue; I retained full access to my inheritance. It is also said that I own a box inside of which is another box and inside that box lies a secret; the one item that could utterly shake the world to its foundations. This is simply a rumour spread by my enemies. Aforementioned enemies would do well to always keep a lamp-post handy. Furthermore, they had best remember that even though sour cream is the spoof of the devil and not to be ingested, I will rub it all over my body to enhance my already legendary kung-fu powers.

All of these things are true, but truth is subjective and available for constant interpretation and re-interpretation. Through this rich tapestry one thing remains constant:

I am the little voice on your shoulder telling you to slam it.

GC d- s+: a C++ W++ N w PS+ PE- Y+ t+ 5+ X++ R++> tv- b++++ DI--(++) D++ G e+++> h r++> x?

Political compass
x=Economic Left/Right; y=Social Libertarian/Authoritarian
17/02/11: (-6.12,-6.67)>
16/11/08: (-6.50,-6.87)
30/10/03: (-5.62,-3.74)