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Toute la nuit

Let us consider the evidence:
  • Still a bit drunk at 11.30am.
  • Bandage on finger from mirror ball knob incident.
  • Red flecks on glasses from "totally walked into the stream" incident.
  • Photographic evidence of the Adams family doing body shots off Lex.
  • Turtleneck strewn, chain in a neat pile.
  • Unrestrained urge to share numerous Youtube videos on Facebook.
  • No sign of life from compatriots at 12.30pm

Awesome party.


Bootie October

[Restored from last night]
Who knew that two annoying songs (Umber-ella-ella-ella-ella and Here Comes the Rain Again) could make such a good mashup.

We got the October Bootie mashup CD for arriving in the first 75.

Hooray for having a local dancing locale.


Super Saturday: a record of the greatest day in sport.

What a fantastic day!

purpledragon3 and I smashed the crap out of our to-do list during the day: Island Bay Butchers, Red-Rocks (photos to come), Crepes-a-go-go and Schock. The birthday/leaving drinks was fantastic: Olympics, friends, marmitinis, fire, good times!

And the sport!!

Mahi's inspirational bronze

Valerie Vili "smashes the crap out of it" with a bad-ass game face:

(link to video)

The Evers-Swindell twins' gold.

The All Blacks shut out the Springboks:

And to top it all off, Canterbury bury Auckland following this inspirational play:

Confusion 08

Yesterday was Confusion (Wellington's one day roleplaying con, read the tag) followed by adrexia's Burning Bedlam party. Wellington turned on a gorgeous morning, but the sky-taps came on in the early afternoon, threatening that evening's fiery activities.

I didn't realise it at the time, but I played every game with exiledinpn, so here's his report. My work here is done.

Collapse )

Like riding a bike

I went outside for a quick spin ahead of Burning Bedlam tomorrow night. I really should get myself some sort of staff in LA, even if only a wooden stick to practice moves in Griffith Park. This one looks pretty cool; I'm particularly intrigued by the "swinging knobs"...

Also, in my browsing, I have discovered that I don't know how to do the move which most sites describe as the most basic, so I better rectify that. [Sorted.]
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Live fast, crash hard.

Thanks to Claire and everyone else who helped her find my warmth retaining devices.

Thanks to everyone at the party for the good times despite the size of the venue and the nasty weather.

Thanks especially to Cat for driving me home and generally looking after me. (And making the ludicrous quantity of jelly shots, and hot drinks.

Thanks to Liz for hooking me up with Cat's Creme de Menthe... wait a minute... Liz, you bastard! ;)

Huge apologies to Steve for still being drunk and unsteady at 8-30 and not being able to make a timely appearance at the moving festivities.