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The Big Sur

[This post was written on July 1, but backdated to the day of the trip]

I first heard about this part of California in one of my Shadowrun books. Now that I've seen it, I'm tempted to dig out the book; but given the number of boxes I'd have to look through... I doubt I will.

It takes a lot longer to get between SF and LA via the 1, but it's very picturesque, so I forgive it. If anyone's thinking of doing this drive, I advise going south so that you're on the sea side of the road: no cars blocking the view and much easier to turn off the road into the many view points and parking spots.

We stopped for a late lunch at a cute little waterfall where a cute little bird wanted to help me eat my leftover rabbit and cheese. No luck, but he did get some crumbs.

One of the last stops we made was at a beach full of elephant seals in the shadow of Hearst Castle. Fortunately it was blowing a gale, so I didn't have to smell them.


Marin County

[This post was written on July 1, but backdated to the day of the trip]

A couple of weekends before I left for NZ, we went to SF. We started in Bernal Heights, from where the above photo was taken, a little suburb where every second passer-by had a dog or a stroller, and Noe Valley (Noe has two syllables) and collected picnic ingredients (some cheeses, a rabbit pate, nice bread, and an Argentinian pastry that I forget the name of). crossed the Gold Gate Bridge for Marin County, home to some dramatic scenery, odd foliage and a cold war era Nike Missile Base (sadly dramatic missile free).

We ended up at an Italian restaurant in Sausilito, a cute little beach town across the bay from San Fransisco. Sausilito turned out to be a productive location for my Christmas shopping which I very much needed to start by this point! This year my sadly fireworks-free Christmas is on July 4.

(This one's for Simeon)


An end to procrastination as further procrastination! Delicious!

It's Movember, during which the Movember Foundation charity raises awareness and funds for men's health issues around the world. This year I signed up officially.

I'm doing this to publicise the event and because it's a fantastic excuse to grow a dirty mo. I'm in the US zone, so if you'd like to make a donation and you want your money to go to a charity in your own country, then find a mo-bro or mo-sista from your country, or just donate directly to the applicable charity.

What's that? How's it going? Well, I'm keeping a photographic record of progress from day one.

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Dear NBC. Your Olympic coverage sucks. Perhaps if you spent more time showing sport (you do know there are 24 hours in a day right? Use them!) and less time asking female athletes if they're going to settle down and have babies, saying the name of your show (two words) twice in a ten word segue, playing your orchestral theme music, you might not suck so bad. At least then you'd only suck as much as TVNZ, which looks positively spectacular by comparison.

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